La nostra terra 1908 год

Статья об озере в Мангистау (на Мангышлаке) в газете «La nostra terra» от 5 сентября 1908 года.

Читать газету «La nostra terra» №35 за 1908 год.


Tts Strongly Perfumed Waters Are Mauve In Color.

“Grasse, clinging to its Alp, high above the Mediterranean, is supposed to give the stranger a headache on account of its perfume,” said a perfumer. “Grasse makes the world’s perfumes. You see mountains of flowers there, as in a milling country you see mountains of wheat. The odor is powerful, but as far as headaches—no.

“But in the Caspian district there is a lake so strongly perfumed that if the stranger boats on it or swims in it he really gets a headache. This lake’s banks arc of white salt crystals, its waters are mauve in color, and from it an odor of violets is exhaled.

“It is Lake Mangishlak. I visited it to see if I couldn’t bottle it up and put it on the perfume market. No go.

“You see it is the presence of the seaweed Poiydcystia violacea that gives the lake its hue and smell. When you bottle the waters the seaweed atoms after a few days die and rot. Then the odor changes from violet to—pah!

“But if you are ever in the Caspian visit the Mankishlak peninsula and take a look at the lake. It is in its way as curious as the asphalt lakes of South America.” — New Orleans Times Democrat.

Country: United States
State/Province: Wisconsin
City: Hurley
Dates: 1908-09-05

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